What Tongues Can’t Be Pierced?

ByScott S.

November 28, 2023
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What Tongues Can’t Be Pierced?

Ask yourself the following question. “What tongues can’t be pierced?“. I’m here to provide you with a detailed answer.

When considering a tongue piercing, it’s crucial to understand that not all tongues qualify for piercing. Certain anatomical features and health conditions make tongue piercing unsafe or unadvisable.

Firstly, Anatomical Limitations play a critical role. A short lingual frenulum (the webbing under your tongue) can restrict the tongue’s mobility and make piercing risky. Also, if the frenulum extends too far up the tongue’s underside, it may not leave enough room for a safe piercing.

Secondly, Size and Shape of the Tongue: Some individuals have smaller or unusually shaped tongues. This limits safe placement for a tongue piercing. A professional piercer will assess the tongue’s size and shape to determine if a piercing is feasible.

Thirdly, Oral Health Issues: People with certain oral health conditions, such as high susceptibility to infections, gum diseases, or crowded mouths due to orthodontic issues, might receive the feedback, “You can’t pierce your tongue.”. The piercing can worsen existing oral health problems.

Medical Conditions: Conditions that affect healing, like diabetes or immune disorders, might make tongue piercing a higher risk. This is due to slower healing and increased risk of infection.

Lifestyle Considerations: For those engaging in activities that could put their tongue at risk, like certain sports or musical instruments, experts might not recommend this piercing.

A woman with bright red lipstick sticking out her tongue with a double tongue piercing.

To Sum Up What Tongues Can’t Be Pierced

Wondering how to know if you have the right anatomy for a tongue piercing? We recommended consulting with a professional piercer and possibly a healthcare provider to assess your individual situation. They provide guidance based on your anatomy, oral health, and overall health. This ensures that if you choose to get a tongue piercing, you do it safely and properly.

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