What Is The Most Painful Piercing?

ByScott S.

May 17, 2024
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What Is The Most Painful Piercing?

You may wonder what the most painful piercing is. Well I of course cannot really answer that for sure, but I can tell you what the most painful of my piercings that I have endured is.  I currently have 18 piercings.  They include a labret, snakebites, both nipples, a nostril piercing, a septum piercing, 7 ear piercings (one that I don’t wear anything in), and four eyebrow piercings. And no, I do not have any piercings below my nipples.


So now that you know a little more about my piercings you might want to know how long I have had each one. Well, of course my first piercing was an ear piercing. Isn’t that the most common? I had a friend that was in beauty school pierce my left earlobe with a piercing gun when I was 16 in 1994.

After that first piercing, I realized that it was hardly painful at all. A couple weeks later I decided to add two more. I got my right earlobe pierced and thought I would try a helix piercing, which is toward the top of my left ear. The helix piercing hurt a little more than my lobes, I’m assuming since it’s cartilage. Unfortunately, I had to take the helix out a couple years down the road. I don’t know why but it would be in pain about every three weeks after keeping it in.

A female with two earlobe piercings.


Fast forward to 1998. I came up with the idea to get two more ear piercings. A second lobe piercing and a stacked lobe piercing. These both were also in my left ear. I was really going to town now with 5 piercings. Skies the limit. But that came to a halt for about 8 years.

It was time to go all out though that year. I decided at that time that I wanted a piercing that was a little more risky.  Well, the first thing I thought of was my nipples. I knew a person or two with just one nipple pierced. I had read about piercing them and made a wild guess that since my nipples were innies, piercing them might cause them to stay permanently out. Well, the challenge was on.


I was so nervous about how painful it could be. I decided at that point to get them both done so I wouldn’t chicken out if I just got one done and tried to go back later and get the other one done. Just kill two birds with one stone. So I went to the piercing shop and found out how much it would cost. I honestly don’t remember since that was so long ago. But I do know it was approximatly $25 or $50 for each nipple. That of course works out to be either $50 or $100 for both. I had saved up for it.

I was ready to get them pierced and found out at the moment the needle went through the first one I started giggling. It was surprisingly not too painful but I kind of jumped. Why was I giggling? I have no clue. I have done that with most of my piercings after that. The second nipple was just as simple except I jumped when the needle was coming out and it scratched me on the chest and started bleeding. I think that was more painful than the actual piercings. They were done, what a sigh of relief. On to 2008.

A close up of my nipple piercing.


All the piercings that I had got, I got locally. In 2008 though I went on a vacation to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I decided I wanted something really memorable.  What would be better than another piercing or two? Well, this time I decided to try another unique piercing that I thought might be the most painful piercing I have endured. Turns out, along with that, I ended up getting my first eyebrow piercing. Just my ears and nipples weren’t cutting it for me. I decided on a labret along with the left horizontal eyebrow piercing.

I called the labret a chin piercing because I didn’t know any better at that time.  When I walked in and told the piercer I wanted a chin piercing she corrected me and I felt really stupid.

Anyway, I got in the piercing chair and she got the needle shoved right through both the labret and eyebrow. You could sort of hear the sound of my skin rip in my ears when the needle penetrated the skin in both of the piercings. Wow, the pain level on the labret piercing was non existent. I went and ate a big juicy hamburger right after getting the labret and the worst thing it did was bleed a little. The eyebrow wasn’t bad at all either pain wise.


To be honest, I don’t remember exactly when I got my third right eyebrow piercing but I’m getting old though, so some things slip my mind. I do know that in December of 2013, I got a whopping 5 piercings in one session, but those for sure weren’t the most painful. At that time, I got my second right eyebrow piercing. Nost only did I get that, I also evened up my earlobes. Since I only had one piercing on the right I decided to get a second lobe and a stacked piercing so I would have 3 lobe piercings on each side. I also endured a pair of snakebite piercings.  They are almost like my labret just one hole on each side of the labret.

I got these 5 piercings when I was on blood thinner that I started taking after my heart attack. Really though the only ones I had trouble with too much bleeding we’re my snakebites. And then on top of that, my lip on the left got a huge cold sore after being pierced.  I blame the piercing for that because sudden trauma and anxiety can cause them to pop up.


When I got sick again in 2014, for some odd reason, I removed all my piercings, every single one. Unfortunately, because of my situation for several years, I left them out for a long time. I decided to try and put some of them back in my holes in 2019. I put the nipple jewelry in which shocked me because I figured they would be closed. All my ear piercings were still open. Those got filled next. I just figured my labret, snakebites, and eyebrows would all be closed, so I didn’t mess with them. 


in January of 2022 I had a little extra money so I decided to have the labret and snakebites repierced and get my first nose piercing.  I debated between the nostril and septum but ultimately chose the nostril. 

I went into the piercing shop and paid like $125.00 for the four piercings to be done.  When I got into the piercing room, the piercer said to me that she could save me money because she thought my labret and snakebites were still open. 

A labret piercing and a pair of snakebite piercings.

Well first before the nostril piercing she shoved this piercing tool through the three holes below my lip.  It took a lot of work but eventually, she got through all three holes without a needle. It was a relief.  With each one she did, you could hear a tiny popping noise when the tool penetrated the thin layer of skin on the inside of each hole. Well, now on to the nostril. I don’t know my age played a part or a lower pain tolerance. Whatever the case, my nostril piercing was the worst piercing I have EVER gotten. But, the good thing is that I got a $75 refund before I left the piercing shop! What a relief. 

ON TO THE SEPTUM! (Not My Most Painful Piercing)

In May of 2022, I finally went for my septum piercing because I had a little extra money at the time.  It was a simple procedure and only cost $30.  She put the clamps in, shoved the needle through, and put the circular barbell in. It was much less painful than the nostril piercing. It has been tender for quite a while but it gets crusties on it so I have to clean them off regularly. The piercer did tell me to flip it up in my nose for 8 hours a day, but I have failed to do that because of the tenderness.  I’m sure it will turn out ok though. After about 3 months the crusties went away but now I have a dead animal smell if I don’t clean my septum every day. I never want to forget to do that.


So there you have it, where all my piercings are located and the most painful one I have received. The next piercing I would like to get is a bridge piercing. Why not go get another piercing to decorate your body? Let me know in the comments which were the most painful of your piercings and how many you have.

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