Should I Get A Septum Piercing?

ByScott S.

June 1, 2024
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Should I Get A Septum Piercing?

Everyone that wants a new piercing asks the question, “Should I get a septum piercing?” This piercing, with its distinctive placement on the center of the septum, has become a popular choice for its edgy yet versatile look. But before you commit to adorning your nose with septum jewelry, here’s a breakdown of the factors to consider:

Why People Love This Piercing

  • Unique Aesthetic: Septum piercings add an undeniable touch of personality. In fact, they complement various fashion styles.
  • Relatively Painless: Compared to other facial piercings, they are generally considered less painful due to the thicker tissue in the septum.
  • Easy to Hide: The horseshoe-shaped jewelry can be flipped up discreetly, making it suitable for work environments with stricter dress codes.
  • Versatility of Jewelry: Once healed, you can explore a wide range of septum jewelry styles and sizes, from simple rings to statement pieces with intricate designs.

Potential Downsides of Septum Piercings

  • Healing Time: While not the longest, they typically take 6-8 weeks to heal fully. Expect some tenderness and discharge during this period.
  • Rejection: There’s a slight risk of your body rejecting the piercing, causing it to migrate or push out the jewelry. Therefore, scarring may occur.
  • Sensitivity: The septum area is rich in nerves, so the piercing process might be more sensitive than others.
  • Potential for Swelling: Some initial swelling is normal. Therefore, prepare for temporary changes in your nose shape.
  • Lifestyle Considerations: Be mindful of activities like contact sports or roughhousing that could snag the jewelry.

Making an Informed Choice: You and Your Septum

  • Age and Maturity: Septum piercings are not recommended for young teens. Consider your level of maturity and commitment to aftercare.
  • Realistic Expectations: Healing takes time, and there might be some discomfort. Therefore, don’t expect immediate flawless results.
  • Pain Tolerance: Be honest about your pain tolerance. While generally less painful, the piercing process can still be uncomfortable.
  • Lifestyle Compatibility: If your job or hobbies involve a lot of contact or risk of snagging the jewelry, a septum piercing might require extra caution.
  • Financial Investment: Factor in the cost of the piercing itself, high-quality jewelry, and aftercare products.

Talking to the Professionals

  • Consult a Reputable Piercer: A professional piercer can assess your anatomy, discuss jewelry options, and answer all your questions about the process and aftercare.
  • Talk to Your Doctor: Do you have any underlying health conditions or concerns? It’s best to discuss them with your doctor before getting a piercing.
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The Choice Of Getting A Septum Piercing Is Ultimately Yours

A septum piercing can be a beautiful and expressive addition to your look. By carefully considering the pros and cons, your lifestyle, and your commitment level, you can make an informed choice. Remember, a well-placed and well-cared-for piercing can be a conversation starter, but prioritize your health and comfort throughout the process.

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