Why Is My Helix Piercing Throbbing?

ByScott S.

December 4, 2023
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Why Is My Helix Piercing Throbbing?

If you’re wondering, “Why is my helix piercing throbbing?”, you’re not alone. This is a common concern among those who have recently adorned their ears with this stylish form of ear piercing. Understanding why your helix piercing is throbbing and how to address it is key to a healthy and comfortable healing process.

The Healing Process Helix Throbbing

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that any piercing is a form of controlled injury to the body. Your helix piercing, located on the upper cartilage of your ear, is no exception. When you get a piercing, your body’s natural response is to heal the wound. This response can lead to swelling, redness, and a throbbing sensation. This is a normal part of the healing process, especially within the first few days or weeks after getting the piercing.

Infection And Helix Throbbing Pain
However, if the throbbing is persistent or worsens over time, it could be a sign of infection. Symptoms of an infected helix piercing include severe throbbing pain, increased redness, swelling, warmth at the site, and possibly the discharge of pus. It’s crucial to be table to tell the difference between normal healing throbbing and the throbbing that accompanies infection. If you suspect an infection, it’s important to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Irritation And Helix Throbbing
Another reason for helix piercing throbbing could be irritation. This can be caused by several factors, including allergic reactions to the jewelry material. Also, bad aftercare or trauma to the piercing site can cause an irritation. For instance, sleeping on the pierced ear or using headphones can bother the piercing, leading to more throbbing and pain.

Proper Aftercare To Reduce Helix Throbbing
To minimize throbbing and promote healing, proper aftercare is vital. This includes cleaning the piercing with a saline solution twice a day, not touching or twisting the jewelry, and keeping the area dry. It’s also suggested to avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, and other bodies of water that could introduce bacteria to the piercing site.

A helix piercing that is completely healed with a three ring helix earring in it.

When To Seek Medical Advice

Now that you know, why your helix piercing is throbbing, while a throbbing sensation in your helix piercing can be a normal part of the healing process, it’s important to be on the outlook for signs of infection or other problems. If the throbbing is accompanied by severe pain, swelling, redness, or discharge, or if it doesn’t improve with proper aftercare, seeking medical advice is crucial for your health and the well-being of your piercing. Remember, everybody reacts differently to piercings, so listening to yours and taking appropriate action is key.

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