What Is A Tongue Piercing Called?

ByScott S.

November 27, 2023
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What Is A Tongue Piercing Called?

Many people wonder “What is a tongue piercing called?”. Let me take a moment to answer this popular question for you.

A tongue piercing is a popular form of body modification that involves the insertion of a needle through the tongue to place jewelry. When people say tongue piercing, they are referring to the most common type which is the Midline, usually adorned with a straight barbell and located at the center of the tongue.

Beyond the standard style, there are several variations. The Venom, also known as the Frog Eyes, consists of two piercings placed side by side a little ways back from the tip of the tongue, resembling the eyes of a frog.

The Horizontal, less common due to its complex healing process, runs horizontally across the tip of the tongue. It is also known as a Snake Eyes.

Another variant has the name of Surface Tongue Piercing, which is placed on the surface of the tongue and doesn’t go all the way through.

Additionally, there is the Web, also known as the Frenulum, which targets the webbing underneath the tongue.

Each type of piercing has its unique characteristics and requires specific aftercare. This will ensure proper healing and minimize risks such as infections, swelling, or potential dental issues.

Two women that both are sticking out their tongues and showing off their tongue piercings.

A Tongue Piercing In A Nutshell…

Now that we know these piercing names, it’s essential for anyone considering one of these piercings to consult with a professional piercer to understand the best type of piercing for their lifestyle, the risks involved, and the proper care needed.

Despite the different styles and names, these piercings share a common appeal. They offer a way for individuals to express their personal style and individuality through body modification.

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