What Age Can You Get A Septum Piercing?

ByScott S.

May 24, 2024
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What Age Can You Get A Septum Piercing?

Would you like a septum piercing but need to know the answer to a burning question. Of course the question is, “What age can you get a septum piercing?” The allure of a septum piercing, with its unique placement and rebellious charm, can be strong. But before taking the plunge, especially for younger individuals, the question of age inevitably arises. So, at what age can you realistically get a septum piercing?

Unfortunately, there’s no single, universal answer to the age you can get a septum piercing. Age restrictions for body piercings vary significantly depending on your location. Here’s a breakdown of the factors at play:

  • Minimum Age Laws: Some countries or states have established minimum age requirements for body piercings, often set at 16 or 18. In these cases, a minor (someone below the legal age) would require written parental consent for the procedure.
  • Piercing Shops’ Policies: Even in the absence of specific laws, piercing shops often have their own policies regarding the minimum age you can get a septum piercing. They might have a higher age requirement than the law, or stricter consent procedures for minors.

For minors, parental involvement is crucial. Here’s what to consider:

  • Maturity and Responsibility: Parents have the right to assess their child’s maturity level and ability to handle the aftercare responsibilities of a piercing.
  • Open Communication: Open discussion about the piercing, its risks and aftercare, fosters understanding and trust between parent and child.
  • Finding a Reputable Piercer: Parents can play a crucial role in ensuring the piercing is done by a reputable professional who uses sterile equipment and follows safe piercing practices.

Other Determining Factors Besides Age For Getting A Septum Piercing

While age is a factor in getting a septum piercing, it’s not the only consideration. Here’s what holds equal importance:

  • Understanding Aftercare: A piercing requires a dedicated aftercare routine to prevent complications. Ensure you or your child (if a minor) are fully committed to cleaning the piercing regularly and following proper aftercare instructions.
  • Long-Term Commitment: A septum piercing is a semi-permanent modification. Consider whether you or your child (if a minor) are prepared for the long-term commitment of caring for the piercing and potentially having it for years to come.
  • Professional Risks: Depending on your profession or future career aspirations, a septum piercing might not be suitable, no matter what age you get a septum piercing. Discuss this openly, especially if considering the piercing at a younger age.
A young woman in a jacket with a septum piercing.

So, Are You An Old Enough Age For A Septum Piercing?

Ultimately, the decision of getting a septum piercing, regardless of age, should be a well-informed one. Here are some steps to take:

  • Research Age Laws and Piercing Shop Policies: Understand the legal landscape and what your local piercing shops require.
  • Open Communication (if a minor): Have a mature conversation with your parents about your desire to get a septum piercing at a younger age. Make sure to address any concerns they might have.
  • Find a Reputable Piercer: Look for a piercer with a clean and professional setup, positive reviews, and experience with septum piercings.
  • Consider Aftercare and Long-Term Implications: Be prepared for the commitment. Understand cleaning and caring for the piercing, and any potential social or professional impacts.

By carefully considering these factors, you or your child (if a minor) can make an informed decision. It’s important to discuss getting a septum piercing at a younger age. But, remember, a well-cared-for piercing at any responsible age can be a beautiful and expressive addition to your look.

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