What Size Of Septum Ring Should I Get?

ByScott S.

May 29, 2024
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What Size Of Septum Ring Should I Get?

The septum piercing, with its horseshoe-shaped ring nestled in the sweet spot of your nose, has become a popular way to adorn your face. But, before you take the plunge, a crucial question arises: What size of septum ring should I get? Choosing the right size of body jewelry ensures comfort, aesthetics, and a smooth healing process.

Understanding Septum Anatomy

No two septums are exactly alike. So, here’s what to consider about your anatomy:

  • Sweet Spot: The ideal piercing location is the fleshy area at the front of the septum. Indeed, this where there’s less tissue and the piercing will rest comfortably.
  • Thickness: The thickness of your septum can vary. In fact, people with thicker septums might require a slightly larger diameter ring to accommodate their anatomy.

Septum Ring Size Breakdown

Septum ring sizes are typically measured in millimeters (mm). So, here’s a general breakdown of common sizes:

  • 6mm – 8mm: These smaller diameters are ideal for those with a petite nose or thinner septum. In fact, they provide a snug fit and closer look to the nose.
  • 8mm – 10mm: This is the most popular size range, offering a good balance between comfort and aesthetics. It suits a wider range of septum thicknesses.
  • 10mm – 12mm: Larger diameter rings are suitable for those with thicker septums or those who prefer a looser fit with the ring resting lower on the nose.
  • Larger than 12mm: These are uncommon sizes and might not be readily available at all piercing shops. Additionally, they are typically used for very specific aesthetics or thicker septums.

Beyond Diameter: Considering Ring Style

The size isn’t the only factor influencing your choice in a septum ring. In fact, here’s how ring style can influence your choice:

  • Horseshoe Rings: The classic choice, they come in various diameters and thicknesses. Consider the thickness if you have a thicker septum to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Segment Rings: These have a small hinged opening, making them easier to insert and remove. They come in various diameters and are a good option if you plan to change your jewelry frequently.
  • Clicker Rings: These have a small click mechanism for secure closure. They offer a sleek look and are available in various diameters.

Getting the Perfect Fit: Consult Your Piercer

The best way to determine the ideal size for your septum ring is to consult with a reputable piercer. And, here’s why:

  • Professional Assessment: The piercer can assess your septum anatomy, thickness, and piercing placement to recommend the best size and style.
  • Trying Out Rings: Many piercers will have a selection of rings in different sizes and styles that you can try out in your septum piercing to see what feels comfortable and looks good on your nose.
  • Tailored Advice: The piercer can advise on the ideal size based on your desired aesthetic – a snug fit close to the nose or a looser fit that hangs lower.

Remember, your comfort is key. So, don’t hesitate to ask your piercer questions and express your preferences. Indeed, they can guide you towards the perfect size and style of septum ring that complements your unique look.

Additionally, Here’s Tips For Choosing The Size Of Your Septum Ring

  • Material: Opt for implant-grade titanium or surgical steel for initial piercings to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Start Smaller: You can always change to a larger ring later if needed. However, a ring that’s too big can be uncomfortable and move around too much, potentially affecting healing.
  • Consider Long-Term Plans: If you plan to wear retainers sometimes, ensure your chosen ring style can accommodate them.
A close up of a man's face with a large septum ring in his septum piercing.

So, Have You Made Your Decision On Septum Ring Size?

By understanding your anatomy, considering ring styles, and consulting a professional piercer, you can confidently choose the perfect size septum ring that enhances your style and ensures a comfortable and happy healing journey.

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Need to find a piercer? Check out the Association of Professional Piercers.

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