Where Should A Septum Piercing Be Placed?

ByScott S.

November 29, 2023
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Where Should A Septum Piercing Be Placed?

“Where should a septum piercing be placed?”. People ask this important question often. Well, I’m here to give you all the specific details with a little follow-up information.

In recent years, a septum piercing has gained popularity as a unique and bold form of body art. Unlike other facial piercings, individuals considering getting one might be curious about its specific placement in the nose. Here’s a look at where one should place a septum piercing and what to consider before getting it.

Placement Of The Septum Piercing

The septum divides the nostrils, but the piercing does not actually pass through this cartilage. Instead, it goes through the “sweet spot,” a thin strip of skin at the front of the nose, just below the cartilage, and above the bottom of the nostrils. This thin strip also boasts the name of columella. It’s crucial to place the septum piercing in this soft tissue to minimize pain and facilitate easier healing.

Professional Piercing Services

It’s essential to have a septum piercing done by a professional piercer to have it placed correctly. They undergo training to identify the correct septum piercing location and angle for the piercing. This ensures it not only pleases aesthetically but also minimizes potential complications. An experienced piercer will also guide you through the aftercare process, which is vital for avoiding infections and ensuring a smooth healing period.

A woman with a septum piercing that has a fancy septum ring in it.

Summing Up The Piercing Placement

In conclusion, placing a septum piercing in the soft tissue just below the nasal cartilage requires thorough thought and skilled assistance. This placement, also known as the columella, ensures both aesthetic appeal and minimizes discomfort during healing.

A septum piercing is a commitment that requires careful consideration. Also, a little bit of professional assistance, both during the piercing process and throughout the healing period. With the right care and septum piercing placement, this piercing can be a stylish and unique addition to your look. It will accentuate your individuality and personal style for years to come.

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