What Type Of Ear Do You Need For An Industrial Piercing?

ByScott S.

December 1, 2023
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What Type Of Ear Do You Need For An Industrial Piercing?

What type of ear do you need for an industrial piercing?” is a common question among those considering this unique and striking double piercing. An industrial piercing consists of two piercings through the ear cartilage, connected by a single straight barbell. The industrial piercing is not just about personal style; it also requires specific anatomical considerations. Therefore, understanding the suitable ear type and shape for an industrial piercing is essential before making the decision to get one.

Factors Of The Kind Of Ear You Need For An Industrial Piercing

Firstly, Anatomical Suitability:
The primary factor in determining if an industrial piercing is right for you is the anatomy of your ear. Not all ear shapes are conducive to this piercing due to the placement and angle required for the two piercings.

Secondly, Ear Cartilage Size and Shape:
The upper cartilage of your ear needs to be pronounced enough to safely accommodate two piercings. If the cartilage is too flat or thin, it can make an industrial piercing difficult or impossible to perform correctly.

Thirdly, Sufficient Space:
There should be enough space on the ear’s upper cartilage to place two piercings without causing pressure or strain. This space is necessary for the jewelry to sit comfortably and heal properly.

Individual Variations:
Each ear is unique, so what works for one person may not work for another.

Professional Assessment:
A skilled piercer can provide an assessment of your ear’s suitability for an industrial piercing. Moreover, they can examine factors like the size and shape of your cartilage, the space available for the piercing, and any potential risks or complications.

A woman that just got a new industrial piercing.

To Sum It Up

So, do you have the type of ear you need for an industrial piercing? When considering an industrial piercing, it’s not just about wanting one – it’s also about whether your ear’s anatomy is suitable. Understanding the type and shape of the ear needed for this piercing is crucial. A professional consultation is essential to assess suitability and ensure that the industrial piercing not only looks great but is also safe and comfortable for your unique ear shape.

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